Prevent Water From Leaking Into Your Home

There can be nothing more annoying than water dripping into your home. Dripping water could damage your valuables in the house. It could waste your expensive furniture and carpets within a few minutes. Roof leaks are also dangerous for the building because if it is left unrepaired then it can weaken the roof considerably. Roof leaks and cracks must be addressed immediately so that you live safely in your home. Before we undertake the repair, we will find out why there is a leak from your roof.

Reasons For A Leaky Roof

There are different types of roofs. The most common is the tiled roof and concrete roof. The reason for leaks in tiled roofs is because the tiles must have broken or have been dislodged due to strong winds. Tiles also break due to wear and tear over time. Leaks in flat roofs occur when there is wrong workmanship or if there are cold joints in the concrete. Some roofs are made of asbestos cement sheets that can develop leaks if the joints become loose. Whatever be the reason for the leak, as the best company for roof leak repair in Malaysia we will identify the exact location and ensure that the leak is stopped.

Methods Of Roof Repair

For a tiled roof, the best thing to do is to replace the tiles that are broken. This can prevent further leakage from that area. We will inspect below the tiles if any weak spots need to be repaired. We can replace the damaged or broken tiles in a very short time. If there is leakage in the tiled roof gutter, then we will replace the gutter totally to avoid further damage to the layer under the tiles. Once the gutter is replaced completely then there will be a free flow of water and further leakage can be avoided. If the leak has already started then replacing the tiles may not be enough and you may have to repair the roof. In such cases, you may have to replace the entire roof.

When we do roof leaking repair in Malaysia on concrete roofs, we check whether the crack is only superficial or if there are damages within the roofing. Depending on this the repair method will change. If there are hollow spaces inside the roof, we will break open the area and fill it with mortar. If there are only superficial cracks then repair material can be applied in that area after making a small groove. If redoing the waterproofing for the entire roof is required, then after sealing the cracks, the entire area will be covered with waterproofing chemicals. These chemicals have UV protection qualities that will keep the coating for a long time without getting damaged.

Once the waterproofing is complete, we will check the roof for complete water protection. Water is made to stagnate on the roof for 72 hours and the ceiling is checked for any signs of leakage of water. This will prove that the work has been done satisfactorily. We have done many roof leak repair works in Malaysia and our customers have expressed their happiness about our work. We take care to use only the best materials for the repair work.

Best Workmanship At Affordable Costs

Our expertise in water leaking repair in Malaysia has earned us many happy customers. Our workmanship is excellent. Once the repair has been done you can forget all your worries about water leaking. We offer our services at the most affordable rates.