Water Pump Installation in Malaysia to Ensure Unlimited Supply Of Water To Your Home

If you are not getting enough water from the utility supply, then you may have to install a pump from the ground source. Tall buildings face the problem that water doesn’t rise to the top level where the tank is installed. The pressure of the water will not be enough to lift it to that level. So, the next thing to do is to install a water pump. The water pump can do an excellent job of pumping water to your tank. This will allow you to draw any amount of water for your requirement. Installing the water pump and the accessories will require an expert. Sheng Fatt has installed many water pumps and is experts in the job. Many steps need to be completed before and after the installation of the pump.

Following These Installation Steps Is Very Important

Our technicians are experts in water pump installation in Malaysia and will do a thorough job. However, it is good for you to know the steps so that you can also see that they are doing the job correctly. The first step is to prepare a good foundation for your pump. The pump must be seated properly to perform properly. A concrete foundation is prepared and the pump is screwed to it. This will ensure that the pump will stay in place when it is working. The constant vibration will not move the pump from the place. The pump must be placed flat and level to function properly. If the pump is not level, then the lubrication will not work properly.

The pump must have lubrication while working. The next step is to pour oil until the level is indicated. This will keep the pump working without heating up. The alignment of the pump must be checked before grouting. Once the grouting is done, the pump cannot be moved for making any adjustments. Grouting is an important step that cannot be ignored because that will help the vibration to be communicated to the foundation. It is always best to fix the pipe away from the pump so that pipe strain doesn’t affect it. The correct pipe size as recommended for the pump must be used. It is important to fill and vent the pipe before you start the pump. Check with our technician whether all the steps were completed as required.

Take Care Of Your Water Pump For Best Performance

Taking care of the pump regularly will ensure good performance and long life. Sheng Fatt does water pump installation in Malaysia perfectly and ensures that it functions properly. But for continued good performance you must do certain checks regularly. A daily check must be done for the pressure of water. Make sure that the speed of the pump is constant and matches the horsepower mentioned. Also, check for leakages and excessive wear. Such daily inspection can avoid costly repairs. On a monthly basis, you must check the seals. The bearings must be oiled as recommended. Make sure that the pump is sitting properly on the foundation.

The daily and monthly inspection and maintenance can be done by you. But it is better to call us for an annual inspection of the pump. Our technicians will come and check the bearings, belt, and other running parts. If there is any part to be replaced, it is better to do it on time to prevent failure.